Delivery Service

We are excited to announce our new delivery service, to make zero waste shopping even more accessible! We collect your bottles, fill and deliver them back to you. Easy!

** COVID-19 change** We are relaxing our normal requirement that customers have previously attended one of our pop ups first. To become familiar with what we offer, why not review all the pages on the website and our FaceBook videos. Please order with an open-mind, we are not a supermarket with an army of paid employees.

How to order

Please complete our JotForm and submit before 7pm the night before delivery to your postcode area. You can check stock availability here. A guide to completing the form is below;

Postcode areaBottle collection, refill and return date
SO50 4 | SO50 5
Friday 5 June
Saturday 13 June
SO50 6Friday 5 June
Saturday 13 June
SO50 7 | SO50 8Friday 5 June
Saturday 13 June
SO50 9Friday 5 June
Saturday 13 June
SO53Friday 5 June
Saturday 13 June
SO21Friday 5 June
Saturday 13 June
SO14 | SO15 | SO16 | SO17Sunday 7 June
Friday 12 June
SO18 | SO19Sunday 7 June
Friday 12 June
SO30 | SO31 4 | SO31 5 | SO31 6 | SO31 8 | SO32 2Wednesday 3 June
Wednesday 10 June

If you have a Facebook account why not join the Facebook group for your postcode area to stay up-to-date?

SO14 | SO15 | SO16 | SO17

SO18 and SO19 postcodes

SO30 | SO31 4 | SO31 5

SO50 postcode

SO53 postcode

Terms and conditions

A summary of our Key Points is here;

Please click the link to read the terms and conditions, when you place an order you are confirming that you have read, understood and will abide with these.