Our mission is to make zero-waste shopping as accessible as possible.

Hi! My name is Natalie, I have lived in Eastleigh since 2016 and with the support of family and wonderful support on social media, I founded The Hampshire Refillery.

If, like me, you are horrified by the amount of plastic you throw away and the rubbish blowing around in our borough and towards the rivers. but are unsure what you can do. Maybe you think that your effort to reduce single-waste packaging is not going to make much of a difference and that refilling your liquids is too costly? Let us show you via our travelling pop-up shop that it’s cost effective and making a huge difference. Out bottle-tally board numbers are growing and we post updates regularly.

We operate in the Eastleigh and Southampton areas. Please click on the Opening Days and Locations tab, to find out where we will be and when.

A quick explanation as to what we are about and why we encourage you to check the website for answers to your questions

We sell household cleaning products, laundry cleaners, fabric conditioners, shampoo conditioner, shower gel and liquid hand soap. Click on the ‘products’ option in our menu above to find out more

We stock a variety of fragrances, from cucumber bathroom cleaner, to ginger all purpose cleaner. All are provided in sample bottles for your nose to test first

We like to support UK businesses and the environment. Our deodorant is from the Isle of Wight, the manufacturer donates 10p from the sale of each item to the Marine Conservation Society. Wonderful

Our handy pumps make refill quick and easy

We order in bulk to save excess emissions, and our delivered are aligned with other south coast businesses to be efficient. Our pallets are wrapped in a seaweed wrap, therefore sustainable and biodegradable. Once the bottles are empty we return on a pallet on the same lorry that delivered the new order. The bottles are washed and re-filled. Proper closed-loop !